Helicon Focus
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d-Studio, Ltd is developing and supporting Mac version of Helicon Focus under the joint venture with HeliconSoft Ltd.

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Licenses can be purchased online via SWREG (secure server) store. It accepts the major credit card types, orders by phone and fax in many countries, US check, UK cheque, mail order, British postal order, PayPal, bank wire.

  • Helicon Focus is a program that combines focused areas from several images to increase depth of field. Helicon Focus is able to create 3D model (currently Win version only) of the object which can be manipulated in free Helicon 3D Viewer and exported as video file, stereo pair or anaglyph. More…
  • Helicon Filter is a complete image editing solution for the digital photographer. More…

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Helicon Filter and Helicon Focus software packages

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* Helicon Focus Pro X64 bit support uses Helicon Processing Server to overcome 3Gb address space limitation for Windows 32 applications. Using this technique Helicon Focus is able to get additional 3Gb of the address space on 32 bit OS and all available RAM on 64 bit OS.

  • 32 bit OS (Windows XP): additional 3Gb to process big images
  • 64 bit OS (Windows Vista 64): higher performace + access to all available RAM

Starting from Helicon Focus 4.70 multiprocessor support is available in all licenses (Lite, Pro, X64). Multiprocessor license is replaced with X64 license for all users.