Helicon Focus
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d-Studio, Ltd is developing and supporting Mac version of Helicon Focus under the joint venture with HeliconSoft Ltd.

Micro panorama

Micro panorama function is designed to stitch images made through the microscope. It may fail to stitch images that are made by camera rotation on the tripod.

You can shoot each row always from the left to the right or you can shoot odd rows (1,3,5,...) from the left to the right and even rows (2,4,6,...) in reverse direction.

The program aligns images based on the parameters set in Autoadjustment settings. The program only shifts images to align them, no magnification or rotation is applied.


  • Set your digital camera to manual exposure mode (shutter speed, aperture, ISO). Otherwise images may have different brightness.
  • Position the object of your interest to shoot the upper left part of it. Take a shot. Use the remote control (if available) to minimize camera shaking.
  • Move the object to the left so that adjacent shots overlap by 20-30%.
  • Take a shot.
  • Move the specimen horizontally, then down to start the next row.
  • Take shots until you cover all the object.


The Rows control lets you choose how many rows your panorama will have.

The Columns control lets you choose how many columns your panorama will have.

The Overlapping for rows slider defines how adjacent rows overlap.

The Overlapping for columns slider defines how adjacent columns overlap.

The Reset position of images button lets you restore position of the images after you dragged them with the mouse.

The Seam Smoothing slider defines the width of seams with gradient transparency.

The Sequence: normal button should be selected you if you shot every row of images from the left to the right.

The Sequence: zigzag button should be selected if you shot odd rows from the left to the right, even rows - from the right to the left.

The Crop margins checkbox defines if the resulting panorama should be cropped to leave only filled with pixels rectangle.